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Edinburgh Fringe Festival

A City transformed,
A world of possibilities.Every August the city of Edinburgh is awash with people. 50'000 international creatives who choose to perform at the original Fringe Festival, drawing over 2 million people to Edinburgh.
The Festival itself began in 1947, with a few companies turning up uninvited, to the inaugural International Festival here in Edinburgh and performing on the 'Fringe'. 70 years later the Fringe has grown to become the greatest platform for creative freedom in the world.

The Fringe Festival encourages all creative art aspects. From comedy, dance, theatre, circus, cabaret, spoken work, musicals to exhibitions and events.
Not all shows will cost you a lot of money. Many of the performers here have a PWYW (pay what you want) and you can find listings here for these shows.

Along the Royal Mile, daily schedules of various street performers/performances are listed. If you stop and are entertained, video their show or parts of it to share later, take their ph…

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